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Self Branding project: be known in the market place

For my professional practice class i was instructed by my professor to brand myself and position myself in the market place. We first instructed to create our own logo and a mini portfolio containing our past artworks. We also create one set of stationery and merchandises based on our own logo.

and stationery development process:


Final Logo:

The Logo is inspired by my love of cartoons, alternative music, and my own edgy nature.

Branding tools and stationery:



“Stamp Design Based On Indonesia’s Tourist Attraction”

During digital design class, we got a new task of creating a vector stamp based on famous places in Indonesia.  I choose the island of Manado as my main inspiration for the stamp, i start by collecting some sample photos from the internet and start making a moodboard.


I design the stamp in Adobe Illustrator since its the best program for creating vector art. by using the pen tool i was able to trace the photographs of the famous places and able to create a vector version of it. For the choice of colors in my stamp i use bold and earthy colours such as blue, green and brown, the reason i choose this particular set of colours because i want to show the natural beauty of Indonesia.