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Self Branding project: be known in the market place

For my professional practice class i was instructed by my professor to brand myself and position myself in the market place. We first instructed to create our own logo and a mini portfolio containing our past artworks. We also create one set of stationery and merchandises based on our own logo.

and stationery development process:


Final Logo:

The Logo is inspired by my love of cartoons, alternative music, and my own edgy nature.

Branding tools and stationery:



The Art Of Wood Panel Illustration “Audrey Kawasaki”

Audrey Kawasaki is a Illustrator and painter based in Los-Angeles, she specialised on wood panel illustration of erotic young female adult using ink and oil paint. Her style has been described as a fusion of Surrealism and manga her primary influences came from artist such as Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha. For me her method of wood panel illustration is very inspiring due to the fact that her color scheme and style of art matches perfectly with the earthy color and texture of the wood panel.

Lost in a mirror-Audrey Kawasaki
Lost in a mirror-Audrey Kawasaki
Restlessly-Audrey Kawasaki
Restlessly-Audrey Kawasaki

Brief History:

Audrey Kawasaki studied Fine Art painting for two years in Pratt Institute in New York city. After two years She dropped out of the institution without even completing her degree. This is due to the fact that her professors has commented on her particular style of drawing nude pictures of adolescent women. Her art style has gathered lots of audience in the art scene in both New York and Los Angeles.In 2005, Kawasaki designed the cover art for Alice Smith’s For Lovers, Dreamers & Me.┬áIn 2011, singer Christina Perri was tattooed with Kawasaki’s painting, “My Dishonest Heart”, by Kat Von D on an episode of LA Ink. Kawasaki has also been featured in several art magazines including Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz, and has started developing more commercial products such as phone skins and mint boxes.

“A Royalty-Free” illustration that exceeds your expectation

The artwork in this picture shows a simple illustration about how our daily activities and economic works. The reason i choose this artwork to be discussed is because i think this artwork is very interesting from the way the illustration is drawn and the meaning behind the artwork itself. The true meaning of this artwork is how there are daily expectation for our labours and contribution to the society and this artwork proves that there’s a process when fulfilling this expectation. So in the end for me this artwork means that there a is a cycle and process in our economy and if we follow this process we can get something good in return.