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Viscom final project: Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

For our final project in visual communication class, we were instructed to create an artwork based on franz kafka’s book called the metamorphosis which is about a man called Gregor who suddenly transformed into a six legged insect. we were given a freedom to create any type of artwork with any type media as long as its still connected to the metamorphosis. In order to make the art work we were instructed to choose a specific scene from the book then use it to create the artwork. Me personally choose the scene where gregor transforms into an insect which is the very first scene from the book.

For the artwork i tried experimenting with different media such as sculptures and illustrations, however i felt that those two media is to common so i experimented using a projector projecting an image on different objects. I found out that in order to connect this projection art work to the metamorphosis is to project an image of a cockroach into a human body. I was very proud with the result of my experimentation because it gives me the result i need in order to create the final piece of my artwork. The final artwork is gonna be a photograph of a projection of a cockroach thats projected into a human body.

The final artwork