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The Art Of Wood Panel Illustration “Audrey Kawasaki”

Audrey Kawasaki is a Illustrator and painter based in Los-Angeles, she specialised on wood panel illustration of erotic young female adult using ink and oil paint. Her style has been described as a fusion of Surrealism and manga her primary influences came from artist such as Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha. For me her method of wood panel illustration is very inspiring due to the fact that her color scheme and style of art matches perfectly with the earthy color and texture of the wood panel.

Lost in a mirror-Audrey Kawasaki
Lost in a mirror-Audrey Kawasaki
Restlessly-Audrey Kawasaki
Restlessly-Audrey Kawasaki

Brief History:

Audrey Kawasaki studied Fine Art painting for two years in Pratt Institute in New York city. After two years She dropped out of the institution without even completing her degree. This is due to the fact that her professors has commented on her particular style of drawing nude pictures of adolescent women. Her art style has gathered lots of audience in the art scene in both New York and Los Angeles.In 2005, Kawasaki designed the cover art for Alice Smith’s For Lovers, Dreamers & Me.┬áIn 2011, singer Christina Perri was tattooed with Kawasaki’s painting, “My Dishonest Heart”, by Kat Von D on an episode of LA Ink. Kawasaki has also been featured in several art magazines including Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz, and has started developing more commercial products such as phone skins and mint boxes.


Creating Installation using daily leftovers

In this activity i try on making an installation by using stuffs that i left out at home. installation is a type of art where we use objects to create a certain form or meaning. the purpose of this activity is to create a sense of unity and meaning by using our daily items which can bring up our personal style when making the installation. my mentor challenge me to create the installation based on a caption only by using the items we brought. with this activity i was able to develop my conceptualising skill which is the key to making amazing artwork.

Installation 1
Stress Medication (Installation)

in this artwork i put most of the things that can ease out my stress such as earphone which i use to listen to music and also food card which i use to eat in order to forget my problems. I put those things inside a medicine plastic to give a symbol that those things are like medicines to ease out my stress.

2015-07-27 11.25.34
The things i collect (installation)

in the picture above i use an empty bottle of coffee and yu-gi-oh cards to create an installation showing unity and balance in the same time. i choose yu-gi-oh cards as one of my items for the installation because i love playing the game and i also love collecting the cards which i love doing since i was a kid until now.