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Im a student from UIC college in Indonesia majoring in graphic design. From middle school i already have a strong passion for cartoons, music, and the arts, from there i decided that i want to work in the design industry. I specialise on hand drawn illustration and 2d typography. For now im focused on studying and absorbing more knowledge from my mentors which will help me to develop as an artist.

Self Branding project: be known in the market place

For my professional practice class i was instructed by my professor to brand myself and position myself in the market place. We first instructed to create our own logo and a mini portfolio containing our past artworks. We also create one set of stationery and merchandises based on our own logo.

and stationery development process:


Final Logo:

The Logo is inspired by my love of cartoons, alternative music, and my own edgy nature.

Branding tools and stationery:



PLN Logo Re-design

For this project we were instructed to pick one of BUMN group company and then re design their logo. We were also instructed to not only re-design the logo but also designed their stationeries.

Logo development:

Stationery and application Design:

The movie poster parody project

For this project we were tasked to create a parody of one movie poster in the action genre. At this stage i have to use everything i learned in this class to create this movie poster. The movie poster must contain some sort of humours and jokes that can catch the attention of the audience. For this project i have my some friends to participate as a material for this poster parody project. For this project i choose the film “Gangster Squad” starring Ryan gosling, the reason i choose this particular movie is because of the title which i can change it to “Tempe Squad” a running joke among my friends.


the squad
the movie poster that im going to parody


To get to the final result of this poster, there are lots of step that needs to be done from using different tools and technique in photo shop. Here are the steps to achieve on making this poster.:

tempse squadThe Final Result

Photography technique: The photoshoot

hoFor this assignment my professor set up a trial version of a professional photo shoot which includes experimentation with different types of lighting from diffused to specular lightning and . For this photo shoot me and my classmate were instructed to choose a theme for the photo shoot, me personally choose star wars as my theme.

My friend dressing up as the emperor/ photo taken using diffused light


my friend dressing up as anakin for this photo shoot/Photo taken using specular light




photo of a lightsaber using diffuse lightning

Drawing class final assignment

For my drawing class final assignment, my professor instructed me and my classmate to draw a clutter from real life. We were only allowed to draw in an A2 size paper with only using either charcoal or paper collage technique. Me personally choose to do this oroject using charcoal

At first i thought its not gonna be that complicated but when i first started doing it i feel that this project is not as easy as it seems. The A2 size paper makes it hard for me because im used to draw in A4-A5 size paper and also the shapes of the object im drawing is pretty complictaed which make it more difficult. But in the end i finally able to pull it even though i messed up some part of the drawing im still proud of the final result.


The final result
2016-01-20 12.48.12
The clutterh i drew


Viscom final project: Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

For our final project in visual communication class, we were instructed to create an artwork based on franz kafka’s book called the metamorphosis which is about a man called Gregor who suddenly transformed into a six legged insect. we were given a freedom to create any type of artwork with any type media as long as its still connected to the metamorphosis. In order to make the art work we were instructed to choose a specific scene from the book then use it to create the artwork. Me personally choose the scene where gregor transforms into an insect which is the very first scene from the book.

For the artwork i tried experimenting with different media such as sculptures and illustrations, however i felt that those two media is to common so i experimented using a projector projecting an image on different objects. I found out that in order to connect this projection art work to the metamorphosis is to project an image of a cockroach into a human body. I was very proud with the result of my experimentation because it gives me the result i need in order to create the final piece of my artwork. The final artwork is gonna be a photograph of a projection of a cockroach thats projected into a human body.

The final artwork

The art of Japanese Woodprint: Ukiyo-E


Ukiyo-e or better known with its English name “Pictures of the floating world” is a japananese art style flourished during the 17th to the 18th century. The artwork is created using different color of chinese ink and printed on a wood block. Most of the artwork depicts Japanese female wearing traditional clothes and sceneries that are inspired by Japanese agriculture. The art of Ukiyo-E has also inspire modern cultures such as manga and modern comic illustration, famous videogame “okami” is an example of an ukiyo-e inspired game design. When describing the art style of ukiyo-e people describe it as a simple Japanese illustration using bold monochromatic colors according to wikipedia. Ukiyo-e has been describe as an art style that defines Japanese art from foreign perspective.

Ukiyo-E has gain international attention thanks to the work of “Hokusai” the artist behind the ukiyo-e artwork “The Great Wave Of Kanagawa” which is very famous due to the style of drawing the waves of the water.

“Great Wave of Kanagawa” Hokusai

How ukiyo-e artwork is made:

There are two types of artist when creating an ukiyo-e artwork, One is the one who carved the woodblock and one who specialize on inking the artwork. Both job can’t be done easily and it takes years to master these techniques. These technique has been passed down from generation to generation until it reaches the present time which ukiyo-e illustration has been applied in modern artwork and commercial.

ART Movement: The Russian Supremematism

The Russian Suprematism is the invention of Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, was one of the earliest and most radical developments in abstract art. Its name derived from Malevich’s belief that Suprematist art would be superior to all the art of the past, and that it would lead to the “supremacy of pure feeling or perception in the pictorial arts.” Heavily influenced by avant-garde poets, and an emerging movement in literary criticism, Malevich derived his interest in flouting the rules of language, in defying reason. He believed that there were only delicate links between words or signs and the objects they denote, and from this he saw the possibilities for a totally abstract art.

he Suprematists’ interest in abstraction was fired by a search for the ‘zero degree’ of painting, the point beyond which the medium could not go without ceasing to be art. This encouraged the use of very simple motifs, since they best articulated the shape and flat surface of the canvases on which they were painted. (Ultimately, the square, circle, and cross became the group’s favorite motifs.) It also encouraged many Suprematists to emphasise the surface texture of the paint on canvas, this texture being another essential quality of the medium of painting.

russian supermatism
My Rendition of the Russian spremematism

“Show Your Work” The book review in general

‘Show Your Work’ is a book filled with a lot of useful information for creative people to show and publicise their work. The key is to search the pages as you read for the little nuggets of information is there but not always so obvious. Some of the information jumps out at you like the title of Chapter 1, “You Don’t Have to be a Genius,” which helps you to understand that creativity is best served as a process with other people. Kleon says to get the juices flowing join a Writing group, take a drawing. Do whatever it takes to be creative with other people.

The main point to the whole book is in order to get noticed an artist or writer you must be willing to go the extra mile to insure your work is the best you can produce, then seek out every opportunity to get work gets noticed. This means doing whatever it takes, starting a blog, teaching a class joining a group, shouting from the rooftop, whatever.

While the only drawback is the book is not an in depth guide to writing or the marketing your work it is a worthwhile addition to any creative types bookshelf.

Book review “A Century of posters”

This book written by Alston W Purvis features the collection of 80s-90s posters from commercial, advertising, campaign and so on. the posters in this book have a really good designs especially in the vintage side. This book shows me that during that time posters were made with  less vibrant color and focuses more on darker and rusty colors. this book also shows the famous poster artists from the early 80’s till 90’s

In conclusion this book is highly recommended

example 1
example of poster inside the book
example 2
example 2