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The movie poster parody project

For this project we were tasked to create a parody of one movie poster in the action genre. At this stage i have to use everything i learned in this class to create this movie poster. The movie poster must contain some sort of humours and jokes that can catch the attention of the audience. For this project i have my some friends to participate as a material for this poster parody project. For this project i choose the film “Gangster Squad” starring Ryan gosling, the reason i choose this particular movie is because of the title which i can change it to “Tempe Squad” a running joke among my friends.


the squad
the movie poster that im going to parody


To get to the final result of this poster, there are lots of step that needs to be done from using different tools and technique in photo shop. Here are the steps to achieve on making this poster.:

tempse squadThe Final Result