Creating your own Typeface

note: This a Diary Therefore it will be Updated

In my Typography class we were tasked to create our own Font/Typeface based on an object that can be collected in our classroom. For five minutes we search the room for object that can be use for the inspiration of the font. After five minute has passed each of us already found the object were gonna use as an inspiration and my object is a Pocket Knife.

Pocket Knife.

After i got my inspirational Object i started doing some brainstorming and doodle them in my sketchbook, I try first to understand the mechanism of the object then  tried to utilize to form an alphabet. After some time i managed to come up with sketches of some of alphabets but with this i managed to figure out how to use this object to create an Alphabet from A-Z.

Early Sketches
Early Sketches

After im finish with all the sketches i started drawing my typeface in A3 Paper and making sure its presentation ready. Having all the sketches with me makes this part really easy since all i need to do is to follow the sketches in my sketchbook. I start drawing my Typeface with an HB pencil and finishing with a drawing Pen. After i finish with my Typeface i come up with an Idea for the name of my Typeface which is “The SwitchBlade Font”.

After we all present our Typeface to the whole class our mentor gives us a new tasked which is to create a Stop motion video which will be used to promote our own typeface.


I started on doing some sketches of the storyboard for my but the problem in this project is how do i make this stop motion video. the object i had is not that common to find therefore i planned to use papers that shaped to look like the pocket knife, i separate the blade from the body so i can show the audience the mechanism of the blade that inspire my typeface.

The merchandise:

At first i started to do some sketches for the merchandise, then i started to pick three of my merchandise sketches and turn it into a real


merchandise sketches
merchandise sketches

In the end i pick keychain,pin, and mug:

The final merchandise
The final merchandise

i choose this three types of merchandise because its convenient and easy to print.

Typeface poster:

i started creating my posters straight in illustrator. i send my first poster design to my mentor for a quality control, she says that my first poster design is tocomplex and it overpowers the typeface itself. After the qc i started remaking the poster with a more simpler design.

final typo poster
final typo poster

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