“Top 10 Typography Artist”

In this week i decided to make a top 10 list of the most inspirational typography artist that ive came across in my research. And here are the list:

Number 10. Christopher wool

Christopher Wool Apocalypse

Wool is best known for his paintings of large, black, stenciled letters on white canvases. Using a system of alliteration, with the words often broken up by a grid system, or with the vowels removed (as in ‘TRBL’ or ‘DRNK’), Wool’s word paintings often demand reading aloud to make sense.Wool is a New York Based Typographer.

Number 9: Baron Fig

Baron Fig- Oscar Wilde quotes
Baron Fig- Oscar Wilde quotes

Number 8: Lex Wilson:

High Low-Lex Wilson
High Low-Lex Wilson

is a Creative from Cambridge, UK, currently living in Nottingham. Specialisms: graphic design, typography, illustration. His well known style is to use perspective and shading in order to create 3 dimensional typography on paper.

Number 7: Sabeena Karnik

May-Sabeena Karnik
May-Sabeena Karnik

Mumbai based designer Sabeena Karnik combines both typography and paper art. Specialising in paper sculpturing and acrylic murals, Karnik loves to work with paper and exploring its ‘endless possibilities’. Creating 3D, calligraphy inspired typography sculptures, Karnik has produced a number of illustrations for magazines across the world.

Number 6: Thuy May Tit

thuy may Tit
D-Thuy May Tit

Vietnamese student Thuy May Tit loves design – especially when it comes to creative typography. She’s already come up with a whole host of inspirational lettering – including this intricate and incredibly detailed ‘Whispered Garden’ alphabet.

Number 5: Charles William

Charles Williams
Now-Charles Williams

Typographer, illustrator and graphic designer,Charles Williams is currently based in London. Represented by Agency Rush, his client list has already included Adobe, Nike and Converse. This typography examples was designed for a corporate document produced by Performics, a Boston-based branding company.

Number 4: Tomaz Biernat

Coffeebook-Tommaz Biernat
Coffeebook-Tomasz Biernat

Tomasz Biernat specialises in old school lettering – often recreating those custom typefaces that hark back to chalk boards and elaborate calligraphy. His typography has been seen on prints, posters and t-shirts as well as bigger installations.

Number 3: Alex Trochut

Ketchup and Mustard- Alex Trochut
Ketchup and Mustard- Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut is a typographer and graphic designer based in Barcelona. He has been working as a freelancer since 2007 and has gained clients such as Pepsi, Wallpaper* and Audi. His experimental style has gained him critical acclaim from across the board and with a philosophy of ‘more is more,’ his array of work is a perfect example of embracing the endless spectrum of font formats.

Number 2: Albert Trulls

typrface-Alber Trulls
typeface-Alber Trulls

Albert Trulls is a graphic designer, illustrator and letterer based in Barcelona. After working in a number of design studios and agencies, Albert is now a freelancer. When designing type, Albert develops the conceptual part first and then tries to come up with a suitable and innovative solution. That way, the concept goes together with the form.

Number 1:  Nina Greiger

Send-Nina Greiger
Send-Nina Greiger

Nina Grreiger is an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from Cracow in Poland. She combines typography with craft and the results are some of the most beautiful fonts we’ve ever come across.

This particular example was an experiment with embroidery on paper, using different shapes and forms. I love it!


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