The Unusual Wearable Project


In this project i was tasked by my mentor to create a wearable object such as head dress, necklace, and bracelet by using unusual materials. The challenge of this project is that we have to create this wearable object based on one out of three themes which is: Love, Sorrow, and Anger.

For the theme i decided that im gonna pick Love, the reason i pick this theme is because there are lots of things that can be related to it. After i pick the theme i started to do some research on my theme which is “love” and i start to think that love is not only for our soulmate or our family but also for our friends thats when i came up with and idea of creating some sort of a friendship Bracelet. I started to do some sketches of the ideas and form of the wearable that im going to create. I decided that Im gonna use straws as the main component of my Wearable because i love the unique way that straws can be shaped into different wearable object such as Necklace and bracelet and also the unique texture and feels to it.

The Early Doodles
The Early Doodles

I decided to start making the prototypes for my wearables and so i collected two more types of unusual object which is Sablon String and coloured Paper clip. The reason i pick this two items is because they add more texture to the wearable. Since im planning to make a some kind of friendship bracelet which most of the time is crafted using strings i utilize the sablon string by wrapping it around the straws in order to create something simmilar to a friendship bracelet.

comparison of the Real friendship bracelet and my prototype:

Example of a friend ship bracelet
Example of a friendship bracelet
The Prototype
The Prototype

After consulting with my mentor about the prototype and the future of my final product I decided that i need to research more about wearables that are crafted using straws because according to my mentor i need to utilize the straws more than i utilize the other minor objects. In the middle of my research i stumble on different examples of wearable that were created using straws and i notice that most of the example utilize the different colour the straws provide and also the way it can be cut and joint together. I decided that i will change my wearable type from a bracelet into a necklace due to the fact i could utilize the straw more when using it to craft a necklace.

After doing more suggestive research i set out to buy coloured straws which is the final component needed in order to create the finish product.

Sketch of the final Product
Sketch of the final Product

Creating the final Product:

Materials For The Final Product
Materials For The Final Product: 1. Black Straws 2. Coloured Straws 3. Sablon String 4. Paper Clips 5. Scissor 6. Korean Glue

After buying all the materials for the wearable started to create the product itself. i begin by creating the body of the necklace which is made by joining four black straws and wrapping them with the Sablon strings which is similar to the way i create my prototype.The next thing i do is creating the triangular form using the colourful straws for the main body and using the black straws for joining all the coloured straws together. After that joint the base of the two triangular forms  by using the korean in order to create a new form.

Working of the triangular Form
Working of the triangular Form

After finishing the triangular forms its time to joint together the combined Triangular forms with the body of the necklace itself. At first i tried to joint them together by using the sablon strings i have but it turns out it wasn’t strong enough to hold them together, so i go back and use the korean glue to stick them together. it took me around 2 hours to fix and re adjust the product in order to match it with the one in the sketch layout but in the end i manage to pull through.

The Final Result:

The Triangles Of Love And Friendship
The Triangles Of Love And Friendship


At the end of the project i realize that if i have better planning and sense of direction at the start i can achieve better result in this project but however im very proud  on what i have learn and achieve in this project.


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